Snail mucus and caviar are two of the most highly valued active ingredients in the cosmetics industry … and for a reason. Skin care formulas whose properties are derived from the organic compounds found in the snail products have an exfoliating and regenerative action. They keep the skin optimally hydrated and nourished throughout the day, providing it with high amounts of free amino acids, trace elements, phospholipids, polysaccharides, antimicrobial agents and other physiologically active molecules.

SNAIL MUCUS is a gel-like substance that acts as a protective layer for the integument of the snail, providing lubrication for locomotion and preventing the outer layers from drying out. It contains a unique combination of organic compounds that have been established to possess beneficial and therapeutic effects on the human skin. Among the ingredients present in the snail mucus are the following substances:

  • COLLAGEN and ELASTIN – the most important proteins found in the cutaneous and connective tissues, which keep the skin flexible, smooth and firm.
  • ALLANTOIN – bioactive ingredient with a moisturizing, keratolytic and desquamation action, which helps soften, soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Allantoin accelerates the renewal of epidermal cells, which facilitates wound healing.
  • GLYCOLIC ACID – natural peeling agent with excellent exfoliating and moisturizing properties. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin by the fibroblasts.
  • High-molecular weight HYALURONIC ACID – an organic compound from the group of glucosaminoglycans, which accelerates tissue hydration, helps cells retain moisture and plays a crucial role in skin repair. Hyaluronic acid has soothing and therapeutic properties, and removes fine wrinkles when applied topically.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS – enzymes that help reduce the oxidative stress and protect the cells from the threat of free radicals.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL PEPTIDES – effector molecules that influence the immune response.
  • GLYCOPROTEINS – physiologically active bio-macromolecular structures.
  • VITAMINS A, D and E – essential micronutrients.

SNAIL EGGS have only recently been proposed as a substitute for the caviar of the wild sturgeon for the purposes of the health and beauty industry. Nevertheless, snail caviar is itself an excellent source of micro- and macronutrients. It has a low fat content, with long-chain carbohydrates being a key energetic component. The protein in the snail eggs, which amounts to 35%-40% of the dry mass, has high biological value and a complete amino acid profile. Several studies have shown the presence of protein-bound mineral ions, including calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg) and copper (Cu). Snail eggs possess antioxidant capacity and an overall low caloric value.

Due to our patented processing technology, the snail raw materials remain chemically unaltered and retain their biological activity in the finished product. What is more, unlike snail extract formulas, our personal care formulas contain a concentrated mixture of lyophilized snail mucus and caviar, so that we can guarantee both the quality and quantity of dry matter that is ultimately used during production. Each of our products contains additional physiologically active compounds that support the main action of the snail ingredients, depending on the specific benefit sought.