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The present Declaration of confidentiality concerns personal data of contractors, employees and other natural persons collected by Grenboel JSC with unified identification code (UIC) BG175223559 for the purposes of providing services and products in accordance with its scope of activity.

The policy on protection of personal data that we apply is with regard to data collected from the personal data subjects via various forms of correspondence, contract signing or any other methods of personal data collection as permitted by law.

This Declaration of confidentiality aims at provision of complete information about the practices we apply in the protection of personal data of contractors, employees of the company and other natural persons as well as about their rights related to the collected personal data in the abovementioned manners.


In the process of collecting, storage and processing of personal data of subjects, Grenboel JSC adheres to the laws and regulatory rules which determine the principles of storage and processing of personal data as well as the guarantees for personal data protection which have to be applied. These laws and regulatory rules include, but are not limited to, the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 679/2016), the Personal Data Protection Act and the acts related to them.

Categories of personal data we collect from you

The data that Grenboel JSC collects from you correspond to those that are explicitly stated in the law or those that are necessary for the use of services, conclusion of contracts and purchase of products manufactured by the company.

Information you have provided to us
This can be your email address, name, postal or home address, etc. Basically, this is the information we need to provide you with a relevant product / service or to improve your stay with us. We retain the information you provide to us so that you can perform various activities on our site, including commenting. This information includes, for example, your name and email address.

Information that is automatically collected for you

This includes information that is automatically stored by cookies or other tools for your internet session. For example, this is information about your shopping cart, your IP address, your shopping history (if any), etc. This information is used to improve your customer experience with us. When you use our services or browse the content of our website, your actions may be included in a log.

Information from our partners
We collect information from our trusted partners by confirming that they have a legal basis to share this information with us. This is information that you have provided to them directly or that they have collected for you on other legal grounds. See a list of our partners below.

Publicly available information
Grenboel JSC does not process special categories of personal data, as defined in Art. 9 (1) of the GDPR, namely personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, as well as the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the sole purpose of identifying an individual, data about the health condition or data about the sexual life or sexual orientation of the natural person.

We undertake to inform you in a clear and transparent manner in cases when it is necessary to collect from you personal data that are not explicitly stated in the law as mandatory, but which Grenboel JSC considers necessary and/or has a legitimate interest in their collection, or we need to protect your vital interests.

Purposes of collection and use of personal data

Your personal data is collected, processed, and stored by Grenboel JSC in order to:

  • provide you with our services. This includes, for example, registering your account; providing other products and services you have requested; providing promotional products of your choice and communicating with you in connection with these products and services; communication with you; notification to you in case of change of services;
  • improving your customer experience;
  • compliance with an obligation under law or contract.

We use your personal data on a lawful basis and/or with your consent. In connection with the conclusion of a contract or the fulfilment of contractual obligations, we process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • identify you;
  • to provide you with a service or to send/offer you a product;
  • contact you to make a sale or invoice;

Based on a legitimate interest, we process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • send you personalized offers (from us and/or from our strictly selected partners);
  • administer and analyze our customer database (shopping behavior and history) to improve the quality, variety and availability of the products/services we offer/provide;
  • to compile questionnaires for customer satisfaction;

Unless you inform us otherwise, we consider it part of our legitimate interest to offer you products / services that are similar or identical to your purchase / visit history. With your consent, we process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • send you newsletters and campaign offers (by ourselves or by our strictly selected partners);
  • for other purposes for which we have requested your consent;

We process your personal data in order to fulfill obligations arising from the law and/or use your personal data for opportunities provided by law. We reserve the right to make the personal data we collect anonymous and to use it in this way. We will use data outside the scope of this Policy only when it is anonymized. We retain payment/invoicing information and other information collected by you for as long as necessary for accounting purposes or other legal obligations, but no longer than required by law. We may process your personal data for additional purposes that are not mentioned here but correspond to the original purpose for which the data was collected. To do this, we have tried:

  • ensure that the relationship between the purposes, context and nature of the personal data is appropriate for further processing;
  • post-processing does not harm your interests and provide adequate protection for processing.

Disclosure of personal data and sharing of information with third parties 

Grenboel JSC discloses personal data to third parties only in particular cases. Such third parties include state authorities, institutions, and persons to whom we are obliged to submit personal data by virtue of the law in the event of uncovering, investigation and prevention of fraud and other unlawful activities. We engage all of those third parties in the implementation of the same protection to your personal data as our employees do and in the observing of the legal framework and the Policy of Grenboel JSC on personal data protection.

Transfer of personal data 

Grenboel JSC is responsible for the transfer of data without hindrance and guarantees they are transferred with the respective level of communication security. Grenboel JSC makes assessment of the specific risks related to the portability of data and undertakes appropriate measures for risk mitigation.

Protection of personal information 

In the course of collecting, processing and storing your personal data we strive to meet the requirements of all legal provisions by applying the necessary technical means and organizational measures on security.

Period (time limit) of storage of your personal data

Your personal data are stored for a period as specified by the effective laws, depending on the purpose of their collection. In the event of an absence of a legally specified period, we commit to storing your personal data for a time limit based on certain parameters, among which is our striving to provide to you products and services of optimal quality as well as a normal development of partnership relations.
When the collecting and storing of personal data for the stated aims is no longer needed, we undertake in their erasure, rendering them anonymous or we destroy them in other proper manners.

Your right to access and receipt of information

You can contact us at any time and request access to your personal data as well as to receive information on what personal data we process, the aims of their storage, the manner of their use and the time limits of storing.

In your capacity of personal data subjects and in protection of your rights you may address the following requests to Grenboel JSC: request for data portability, request for access, request for rectification, request for restriction of processing, request for data transfer, objection against processing and request for erasure (“the right to be forgotten”). Certain circumstances guarantee your right to demand that your personal data is erased. This is possible in the cases when the storage and the processing of your personal data is no longer needed for the purposes they were collected, processed and stored for; in the event that you have objected against the processing of your personal data and you have withdrawn your consent for their collection, processing and storage; in the event of established unlawfulness in collecting, processing and storage of your personal data; on other occasions as defined by the statutory framework and the legal provisions on personal data protection. In particular cases, we are obliged by law to store your personal data. In those cases, erasure of your personal data from our systems will not be possible.

When you find out about a violation of your rights, you may lodge a complaint with “Grenboel” JSC with regard to the manner of reviewing of your request for access to the data, complaint about the manner of reviewing your requests and complaints, a complaint against any decision taken upon a submitted request/complaint.

For the purposes of your enquiries, requests and complaints with regard to the collection, processing and storage of personal data, we provide you with the following email address so that you can write us and receive necessary information about your personal data: You can address your enquiries also to the administrative address of the company: Sofia 1111, zh-k Yavorov, Block 72

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Commission on Personal Data Protection at:

Commission on Personal Data Protection:

Sofia 1592, bul. Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov 2

Tel: +359 2 9153518


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Your consent to alterations in the Declaration of confidentiality

We reserve the right to update the Declaration of confidentiality herein at any time in order to ensure optimum protection of your personal data and to provide complete information regarding your rights and any changes that have recently arisen.
Date of last update: 03-11-2020